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FaceBook Applications - Mp3 Players with Hosting

Herban Media has moved into the Facebook Applications arena with our first release "The Ambglb Mp3 Player". This mp3 player allows you to stream up to 5 mp3s on your Facebook profile. Since you are uploading your own music, there is no searching for the right artist or the right song. You choose what is played on your profile. Even better is our system is cross compatibalbe with other social networking platforms. So the songs you upload can be used on myspace, blogger, websites etc. as well as facebook allowing you to control all the music on all your profiles on one page. Keep an eye out as we will be adding new applications often.

Existing users only need to log-in and visit the "Facebook Mp3 Player" link to store their facebook id number, and the player will begin working. Sign-up /Log-in Here

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