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get more information about advertising on herban media sitesour free online presskit and booking resource website for bands,promoters,venues,ezines,radio stations, music fans and anybody involved with music....local band resources-booking-promotion-venues---PRESSKITS.TKour completely free alumni amd military search service. you didnt pay to make these friends, so why should you have to pay to reuinite with them?our top notch design team providing Quality Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses--207 designs gives the small business the same professional online presence as a fortune 500 company at a fraction of the costa community entertainment guide and forum for central illinoisour video editing and indie film making departmenta free online classified ads system for central illinoisa preview of sites we have scheduled to launch in 2005contact herban mediareturn to home page


a free online presskit service,as well as a resource/music booking site for unsigned bands and other entertainers...music venues and promoters can browse thru and find bands to hire, ezines to advertise in, and other services....anyone involved with or interested in local bands and indie music can use this site to network with like minded others across the country from music tour booking to locating new clubs and music venues to catch some great diy music it's all here.....

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