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New Myspace Applications
We are in the process of porting over our most popular tools onto the new Myspace Application platform. We hope to have many of your favorites approved and ready to be installed when the platform launches in the next couple of weeks.

New Myspace Slideshow Styles
We have added 2 more image slideshows to our image hosting system. An Itunes Slideshow, that lets you flip thru your images, in the familiar Itunes style. And 2 versions in our Loop Style, that displays your images in a constant loop either moving vertically or horizontally. We have also added a new mp3 player with the Itunes Slideshow Style, so your Myspace friends can flip through your pictures while listening to your favorite mp3s. Preview the new slideshows HERE.

Myspace Music Codes

Our MP3 player system, allows you to upload your favorite MP3 off your computer, as well as an image that displays while the song is playing, into our system and receive the codes to embed the player and all into your myspace page, no more searching and searching for the codes to embed your favorite songs, all you need is an MP3. This service runs on the same basic technology that powers the actual myspace music section, and runs quite a few band and music sites that we have created, so this service is going to be tough to find anywhere else.

NCAA College Football Myspace Graphics
Add graphics, cursors and icons of your favorite NCAA College Football Team. All 120 FBS Division Teams are covered. You can also keep up to date with each teams schedule, scores, conference standings and more. You can check it out HERE

Myspace Podcast Codes

Now you and your friends listen to your favorite podcasts right on your Myspace profile. Choose from Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, and Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points, with more podcasts added regularly.
Myspace Podcast Codes

Past Updates:
You can upload 18 images!!!

Myspace Photo Slideshows w/ Image Hosting
Display your pictures with style using one of our slideshows on your myspace, facebook, website or blog. Upload up to 18 images into your account to use in your slideshow. No more going to one site to host your images and another to get your slideshow. We got it all right in one place. You can check it out HERE

Myspace Graphics, Cursors, Glitter Graphics
Add great graphics, animated and regular cursors, glitter graphics, birthday grapics and more with our new image section Here

Glitter Graphic Maker
One of the most popular graphic features people like to add to their Myspace or other profiles, are glitter graphics. The only problem is you must search for the right phrase or name, not anymore. With our new glittermaker, you can easily create and embed custom glitter graphics with your choice of 8 colors, 8 text styles and 3 sizes. You can check it out HERE

Mobile Web Cam System Launched
You can now update your myspace, friendster, blogger etc, automatically with video sent in and taken with your cell phone. Check out this cool new tool HERE

Myspace Friends Slideshow
Enter your myspace name into this system, and auto create a slideshow featuring a random grouping of your myspace friends, that is automatically updated throughout the day. Check out this new tool HERE

Archived Updates: Free Ringtone Creator
Check out our new ringtone creation program HERE
This tool lets you take any MP3 off your hard drive and change it into a MP3 ringtone instantly and free of charge.

Myspace Profile Editor w/ Background Image Hosting
Yes that's right a profile editor that lets you upload your own background image right into the editor, no more going to one site to host your image, then having to use another one to build your profile. You can check it out HERE

We are now offering a multi-song player system!!!!!
Click Here To find Out More

In order to improve everyone's media player performance, you must now have cookies enabled to upload files. This stops automated programs from abusing our services, freeing up server resources for our regular users. Norton and Mcafee users need to do this in each programs control panel as well as their browser

We have had our programming division modify a few of our commercial programs and applications to work with myspace, of course we assume you will love the price: Free!!! By utilizing our tools and codes you can further personalize your myspace page with pictures and MP3s that aren't provided by the site.

Myspace Image Hosting and Code Generator

By using our image hosting and code generator you can upload a picture from your computer, and receive the code to copy and paste it right into your myspace page, you can do this with an unlimited amount of photos, and without buying a crappy comp. CD.

Search Boxes For Myspace

We have also compiled and modified the codes, to allow you to embed search boxes from Google, MSN, Yahoo, or Basscrawler into your page, giving your friends easy access to the webs vast resources or to play the "your name needs" game.

Myspace Missing Child Rotator

An application written expressly for myspace, is our missing child rotator. By copying and pasting this app code into your myspace, you add a rotating picture of the most recently reported missing kids in Illinois to the upper left hand side of your myspace page.

Upcoming Myspace App Releases

We are going to add video codes to add your own movies and video to your page as well, most likely the only file type supported will be .wmv, but we will post tools and tutorials on how to convert other formats to .wmv. Most cell phones and digital cameras use the .wmv format, so many of you have nothing to worry about.

1. Link generator - for those who are html challenged, a simple two-field form that outputs the code to add a link to other pages.
2. Tag chart - basic html and css tags that myspace uses to spice up pages.
3. An easy to use and non-confusing profile generator
4. A few other html generators such as table, div, scrollbars and more...