AMBGLB MySpace Mobile Web Cam BETA

Add videos to your myspace using your cell phone to take and send the video from anywhere you can get cell service. Simply send your video to our special address and within two minutes the video will be updated on your Myspace

(this is a demo featuring videos
the staff takes and sends in)

The AMBGLB Mobile Web Cam allows you to share videos you take on your cell phone with visitors to your myspace, friendster, blogger etc. All you have to do is copy and paste the embed code into your page one time, and then when you send in a video it will be auto updated on that page within a few minutes. To add this to your page, you either need to send your video to and then enter your phone number below to get your embed code, or get your embed code now and send your video in later. Note: your cell phone number is used as part of an encryption process to name the video only, and isn't published anywhere viewers can find. While this service is free of charge, any fees your carrier imposes for sending text and/or data still apply. Make sure you use the 10-digit cell number in this format 1234567890.

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