Myspace Slideshows Generator with Integrated Image Hosting

Want to spice up your myspace, friendster, xanga, blog or website? Then try our new slideshow system. Unlike most slideshow creators you can actually host your images here on site. That means no more going from one site to the next copying and pasting urls. The images you upload as part of our free image hosting service are the ones used for your slideshow. We offer the slideshows in 4 web friendly sizes to fit any layout needs, as well as a variety of styles and colors to further customize to your page. Your images are also linked to your own photo gallery page, where users can view your pictures in a typical web page enviroment.

Below is a working sample of how your slideshow cpanel will look and act as well as a couple of sample slideshows. To test how the system works, drag and drop the images into a new order and use the "Preview Updated SlideShows" link to open up a new window containing a slideshow using that image order. This is basically how the real system will work, only you will be given an embed code in the live system. To get your own slideshow Go here to register and upload images

Preview Updated SlideShows

Sample Slideshows

New Itunes Style Slideshow
Slideshow With Thumbnails

Slideshow Without Thumbnails
New Loop Style Slideshow #1