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The Doodlebops Unmasked - What They Really Look Like

The Doodlebops (Dee Dee, Rooney, and Moe) are the hottest kid show on tv right now, and the most common question asked is what do The Doodlebops look like without make-up closely followed by who are these actors? See the bios below to find out just who are The Doodlebops

Lisa Lennox - Dee Dee Doodle

Lisa Lennox

Lisa Lennox is a 23 year old Canadian actress and dancer. She's been performing since the age of 3 years old, and attended Etobicoke School of the Arts instead of a "normal" high school.

Dee Dee Doodle

Chad McNamara - Rooney Doodle

Chad McNamara

Chad is also a Canadian born actor, that has toured with Will Rogers Follies and Mamma Mia. US fans might regonize him from a brief appearence on "Queer As Folk"

Rooney Doodle

Jonathan Wexler - Moe Doodle

Jonathan Wexler

Not alot is known about Jonathan Wexler a.k.a. Moe Doodle. He was a member of the Original Kids Theatre Company in his hometown of London, Ontario. Jonathon also appeared in numerous productions for Grand Theatre Productions

Moe Doodle